Science-Based Personalization

At FAB, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. We analyze your personality, eating habits, activity levels, and coping methods to fine-tune your weight loss program.

Doctor Managed

This isn’t just a run-of-the-mill weight loss program. At FAB, our doctors keep a close eye on you to optimize your progress.

Medications & Supplements

FAB’s structured medication and supplement protocols will help you lose weight faster and easier. Appetite suppressants and energy supplements (no caffeine) will give you that extra boost.
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FAB’s Philosophy

As doctors, we were trained to treat diseases. This mindset has been ingrained into us starting from the very first days of medical school. The more patients we saw, however, the more we began to feel that what we were doing was not the right approach. We began to think: “Why don’t we help people first – before they become patients needing medical attention?”

One of the most common things that we saw every day was people trying to lose weight. Many of them had tried various diets and exercise programs in the past.

Despite their efforts, long term weight loss was elusive.

We became convinced that there had to be a better way to address this issue before it became a serious health problem.

Thus, the FAB MD program was born.

We aspire to provide effective, safe and long term weight reduction. Our aim is to make you look and feel better than you ever have before by addressing all the things that make you YOU.

You were born with a unique genetic blueprint. You have a life story that is also unique. Your weight loss program should be as unique as you are, tailored specifically to you.

Only by celebrating your uniqueness can we begin to unravel the puzzle of weight loss, piece by piece.

Don’t be satisfied with the same-old, same-old. Weight reduction based on a whole-body, whole-mind approach can give you faster, more successful results. Most importantly, however, it is the potential of achieving long term maintenance of improved body weight, image and fitness that makes this program so different and powerful.

This is weight loss that celebrates YOU.

Dr. Kim and Dr. Wongworawat
We also learn about you

Ultra Personalization

We analyze over 114 data points.

Science has advanced, and so should our diet plans. The old wisdom of exercise and counting calories just doesn’t cut it anymore. In the old days, the treatment plan was the same for everyone: starve yourself, eat only 2 meals, and exercise.

Today, we know that any success depends on personalization. So right from the start, we go over your THREE E’s


You know that we all have different eating habits. Your friend might eat only two large meals while another person might snack throughout the day. You might have other eating habits. You’ve heard the expression, “you are what you eat”. Well, you are also “how you eat”. We will help you to sort through this in order to optimize your weight loss goals.

Everyone knows they should exercise but getting around to doing it is another matter. Sometimes even when you do exercise, you don’t seem to see results, which leads to frustration. Since a healthy body depends on physical fitness, we will work with you to incorporate fitness into your busy lifestyle.

Let’s not forget this important, but too often overlooked, component. No matter who you are, your eating is driven by emotions of some type, often ingrained since childhood. Food may be a source of comfort to you when you are feeling sad. Maybe you don’t have time to think about your food choices because your life is so busy. Regardless of what it is, figuring out the emotions that have brought us to where we are is key to moving forward.
To help you along

Medications & Supplements

We all lead hectic lives that deplete us of our vital energy. Supplements can aid in increasing the building blocks to energy production and converting fat into energy. We tend to make poor choices in our diet and exercise when we are fatigued. Fight against this with a boost of pure energy.
Pure Energy
Stubborn pockets of fat cling to certain areas no matter what we seem to do. Did you know that you can help your body increase its fat burning efficiency? Adding fat burning injections can improve our diet and exercise program to reach its

Fat Burning
Sometimes we need that extra help in curbing our appetite. This is especially useful at the beginning of the weight loss program. Appetite suppressants will also jump start weight loss that seem to have run out of steam. All appetite suppressants are given under careful medical supervision.
Appetite Suppressant
When things get busy, we tend to put our own needs at the bottom of the “to-do” list. This leads to us eventually feeling worn down and neglected. This is when our immunity also takes a nose-dive, exposing us to illness. Boost your immunity the natural way.

Immune Boost

Pricing Details

We know that weight-loss programs can be quite expensive. At FAB, we try to offer you a customized approach at rates that are as affordable as possible.
Pay As You Go
Starting at $15

This option is for those who may not be sure about their commitment to the program. It makes it easy for you to experience the FAB difference at a pace that suits you. We’re convinced that we will win you over.
Monthly Membership
$99 per month

If you’re serious about weight loss, this is the best value option. Come see how the FAB customized weight loss program can change your life. Lose the weight now, and keep it off.
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